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Johan von Sydow is a director and staff producer at SVT's well renowned arts and culture show “Kobra”. His first two documentaries (“Mare Kandre” and “The Jussi Bjoerling Saga”) were called “the two best Swedish cultural docs in the 2000s” by a leading tv-critic, and his latest (“Ratata through the ’80s”) was, according to another critic, “a benchmark for future Swedish popmusic documentaries”. “The Jussi Bjoerling Saga” was nominated as “Best documentary” in the Swedish TV-award “Kristallen”. He has studied photography, journalism, acting, Russian, and is also struggling as an amateur standup-comedian.


Momento Film is an independent production company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We produce author driven drama and documentary primarily for cinema. We are currently working with directors and writers such as; Isabella Eklöf (Border, Holiday), Daniel Espinosa (Fast Cash, Morbius), Anna Eborn (Pine Ridge, Transnistra), Frida Kempff (Bathing Micky), Simón Mesa Soto (Leidi, Madre) and Maruicio Braucci (Gomorrah, Piraha). Momento has positioned itself on the European market with high-profile documentaries and short films premiered and awarded at the most important film festivals. In 2018 Hamada by Eloy Domínguez Serén premiered in First Appearance Competition at IDFA and has since then won 11 awards, in 2019 Transnistra by Anna Eborn has won both the Big Screen Competition in Rotterdam IFFR and Dragon Award for Best Documentary in Gothenburg IFF. Momento successfully moved into fiction in 2016 with Madre by Simón Mesa Soto in the Official Cannes Short Film Competition and Frida Kempff’s Dear Kid which won at Stockholm IFF. The producers David Herdies and Michael Krotkiewski are part of the international producer’s workshops EAVE, ACE and Eurodoc, and in 2018 David Herdies was Producer on the Move in Cannes.